List Building Secrets of the Internet Marketing Millionaires

Building your list in internet marketing is crucial to your online business success. It has been said many times in many ways by the most successful internet marketers that “the money is in the list”. If you have been involved in internet marketing for any amount of time I am sure that you have not only heard that particular expression but also found it to be true.

Now that we have established that list building is very important to the life of our internet business. How can we do it effectively? What are some of the list building secrets of the internet marketing millionaires? Although there may be many methods and techniques used by the top internet marketing earners,the truth of the matter is that the internet marketing millionaires don’t really have secret methods to list building. They employ and use the same basic methods an techniques that all internet marketers use the difference is that they have learned how to use these methods very effectively for maximum list building success. They also understand that by giving their potential customers something they really want is a key to winning at list building. There is no sure way of telling what each and every one of your potential customers will want, however you can be sure that for the most part it will be a product or information relevant to the niche or internet marketing field of interest.

Good valuable information is not always easy to come by that fact makes it a very much sought out and popular to most potential customers, it is something everyone wants and do not always have the necessary time to find. Once the successful internet marketer establishes what kind of information, product or service his potential list is looking for by doing the proper research, he then will take the appropriate actions to use it as a bargaining chip to build his optin list. Evan at this point he cannot be sure that what he has to offer will truly appeal to his market. so he must always be ready an willing to make changes to his information if it is not getting his desired results. Always be willing to try something new or different. This not only includes making changes to the information you may be using, but also any product or service that you are offering as well.

Now that the internet marketing millionaire has defined the product, service or information that he will use to exchange for his opt-in list members names and email addresses he will need a strategy of getting his offer to these individuals. There are many techniques that he may choose to use, the one thing he will make sure he dose is to keep it simple no matter what method or methods he uses. I will list a few of them here for you to examine today.

1. The Website

The main thing to building your mailing list by use of your website is to make sure you place your opt-in box in a strategic place on the page. you want to place it so that it is easily noticeable but not intrusive to your visitor, It should not be the first thing on your webpage when they examine your site. A great place for your first opt-in box is the upper left or right hand corner below your headlines and sub headline, since it follows the natural reading pattern of the average visitor. You will notice that I said first opt-in box, the reason I say that is because it is a good idea to try placing more than one opt-in box on your website or page giving your visitor multiple opportunities to register at different places on your site.

I want to mention at this time that to prevent the unwanted use of spamming to others email addresses you should always confirm that your visitor has actually signed up to your optin list before sending them any information what so ever. you can do this by using a autoresponder service that will send a confirmation email requesting immediately that all of your new opt-in list sign-ups click a link in this email to agree to receive information from you. Remember spamming is illegal and is not tolerated, don’t do it!

2. Using Affiliates

The successful internet marketer realizes that it is not possible to reach all of the people that may be interested in his product, service, or information, what he dose know is that by using affiliates to help out he will reach many, many more interested individuals than he could on his own. Getting affiliates to your internet business can take time, however if you do have them on your side they can prove to be a formidable force when it come to building a impressive opt-in list.

3.  Newsletters

Newsletters have been confirmed to be by far the most effective method to motivate people to sign up for business optin list. Individuals would like to understand or know that they really are about to obtain something of value when they give up their personal info, often if it’s simply his or her email address. Keep in mind, developing your opt-in mailing list is definitely all in relation to providing your customers what they truly desire. Here are two ıtems that your prospects genuinely want, no matter what business you’re engaging in: information and quality for their money. A newsletter will provide them with both.

4. Using Coupons and Discounts

Coupons and discounts are a Excellent way to get individuals to sign up to get your emails. Consider it. No matter how many times you visited a specific store, suppose you understood that each time they sent you a advertisement it would also include a valuable coupon, wouldn’t that encourage you to take advantage by joining their mailing list?

Try using this criteria when trying to decide what coupons or discounts to give your potential opt-in members.

- Don’t give coupons or discounts for your top or hottest selling products or service. They will sell themselves.
- Make your coupon 20% off of any product or service over $20.00, this is usually enough to have your visitor return to your site to sign up to your list for future bargains
- Never give away more than you can afford to. After all you will never be a millionaire marketer if you are always in the red.
- Always change the amount of your discounts this way your customer will stay interested in checking your emails whenever they arrive to their inbox because they are not sure what kind of deal you have to offer today.
- Never offer a coupon or discount on a product or service that you already have a discount or sale on. It doesn’t look good and will defeat your purpose in the long run. There is an exception to this, if you have a really high priced product or service that you have on sale or discounted for a small amount, if you give a coupon for this item make sure the difference in price is substantial.

5. Use Free Trials and Downloads

Another fantastic method to building your million dollar opt-in list is to offer free trial of one of your products or services or a free download of a piece of software, e-book, ringtone, song or anything else associated with your business that your customers will be interested in. Remember the internet marketing millionaire will always look to give his potential customer what the really want so keep these 3 things in mind when using free trials and downloads to build your list.

First – Give teasers or parts to one of your top products or services. If it is a top selling ebook make a chapter or two downloadable for free, if it is a membership or service give limited access to the website and features that you will be offering.

Second – Now this is in addition a excellent occasion to unload a number of products that simply are not producing income for you at all long as they have value are of good quality and you happen to have got these readily available in digital file format. In the event that you market software and at this time there is specific program which is useful yet unfortunately really did not appear to be driving in a generous profit you may possibly give a basic edition free of cost. Not merely is this a effective promotion for your full software package, itâEUR(TM)s a excellent way to grab your customers attention and inspire them to decide to join your mailing list.

Third – Don’t just pick aimlessly. If your niche or specialty is in website building software you should not choose this time to change to some other product or service that you know little to nothing about. Remember that your customers are now there for what you have to offer them, what they have a interest in. Never think you have to extend yourself outside of your own area of mastery to try to make your opt-in seem even more appealing. Stay with what you understand or know and you will not choose incorrectly.

There are many other methods used by the internet marketing millionaire to help them build incredible mailing list. For you information I have listed a few more of them below. When you have the time do your own internet search to do a little research on each techniques and tips you find below. This exercise will not only help you to realize why having to search for information puts so much value on the offering or presentation of specific information to others to build your ultimate mailing list, it will also get you more acquainted to other powerful list bulding techniques that you can use.

- Run contest and give prizes
- Give away ebooks and special reports
- Article marketing
- Use video marketing
- Use popup windows
- Don’t make it difficult to opt out of your list
- Make sure that your emails are relevant to your product or service and are well written.

This list goes on. Learning to use these methods efficiently, effectively and for all they are worth is the key to listbuilding like a internet millionaire. Remember they were not always internet millionaires, they had to start some where. Once you put the lisbuilding methods listed here into practice, who knows maybe you will also reach the status of one of the successful internet millionaires.

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